Limnaios Loukas

Limnaios is a professional musician with various degrees in Greek traditional music, as per the following:
Degree  from Bargemezy School of Bouzouki  (the Greek traditional string guitar) Degrees  in Electric
Guitar, Singing and Music Composition and Theory from Amfitheas School of Music. Degree in Greek
traditional percussion instruments from Argiroupolis School of Music. Diploma in Bizantine Music from
the Barbitos School of Music. Limnaios has participated in different educational programs as an assistant
to BELLA RUDENCO in the Music School of TCHAIKOVSKY. He currently teaches music at the
Modern Music Institute of Athens and at the Amfitheas School of Music. He has regularly performed
in a variety of traditional Greek music venues, as well as in concert halls,  museums, cruise ships, hotels
and night clubs. Limnaios has joined the ACROPOL program as Director of Music.