WELLBEING Fund Raising e-books 

ACROPOL’S e-book fund rasing books, have been written by Rick Xatzios him self  to  to enrich people’s lives through the inspiring and healing power of Welbeing education, inlcuding: Principles of Nutrition, Nutrition, Physical Activity(exercise), Sleep, Relaxation, Entertainment, Social wellbeing, and the unknown.   We envision a world where individuals and families can achieve their human potential through education, spiritual health and balanced lives.

Rick Faris has been doing scientific research for over 20 years and has studied endless books, magazines, traveled teh world and also he has discovered and created techniques of his own,  

We interpret the term WELBEING as that activity which is created from a passionate inspiration including, but not limited to, Arts and Hobbys,  Nutrition, physicalActivity, Sleep and Rest, Entertainment, Social activities (work and hobbys) , all important ingredients in the human process of self-realization. 

The ACROPOL e books revenues are used to cover the expenses of the actual Acropols program, including tuition, materials, local transportation and field trips. Revenue surplus is specifically set aside to partially or fully cover the expenses of those students who may be in need of financial support.

Our program is based in Athens Greece, in the seaside town of GLYFADA, some 20 km from downtown Athens.

You can help ACROPOL by donating today.